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Recently Venerable Ani Drubgyudma responded to an inquiry about the Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom – “What lineage are you? Where does the Sangha practice?”

This is her response:

“We are a group of women who have taken Buddhist refuge. I entered Buddhist refuge within the Mahayana and the Vajrayana.

Buddha taught that we must be a lamp unto ourselves, and that there are 84,000 Dharma gates. What is essential is taking Buddhist refuge, and then discovering for one’s self, as a unique human being, which door/s and practice/s will facilitate one’s enlightenment. Depending on the student, I have been a refuge preceptor and spiritual director to students entering through the Mahayana gate, as well as through the Vajrayana gate.

Often it is through the process of entering into, and developing, a spiritual friendship with a qualified teacher (or spiritual director) that one will begin to discover their respective path/s. It is a process. Others have pursued the Buddhist path as solitary practitioners – as there may or may not be a local sangha community.

We are trans-lineage, rooted in our respective lineage/s, yet coming together as a Sisterhood. We believe in a Universal Buddhism – that all human beings have the potential to realize and stabilize as altruistic human beings – to be a blessing in the world as compassionate wisdom beings – bodhisattvas. (As this potential is always present, a human being can give rise to bodhichitta, the wish for enlightenment, take refuge, and enter the way to Buddhahood)

We are in our embryonic stage of development – united in a spirit of solidarity.

We are not marketing ourselves, but growing and maturing organically, so to speak. Each of us are actively practicing as well as actively serving in the world within our respective ministry groups/organizations.

I offer spiritual direction in light of teaching the Buddha Dharma on a personal basis, as do other Sisters who are qualified to do so…”


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